We’ve done a real good job of highlighting all our successes so far, but I did want to reveal a few of the not-so-joyous frustrations we’ve encountered over the past few weeks to give everyone a true picture of what’s been going on around here.

I confess…

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Under cover

Coming into ‘monsoon season‘ here, we wanted to make sure the yurt was trimmed out appropriately with a stylish and functional rain awning. Ben and I examined a few different places to harvest precious rainwater with this tarp and barrel rigging, but we ultimately decided to kill two birds with one stone, as they say, by creating the front door rain cover AND a catchment all in one.

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Back to reality?

Monday came and went with little fanfare. Ben and I both woke warmly  to sun streaming inside the yurt. The teakettle went on quickly to start us up for our first day of telecommuting. Power was plentiful and we hungrily gobbled bandwidth on our wi-fi while still in our nightclothes. It was definitely refreshing to be in touch with old office mates and inquisitive colleagues while enjoying the New Mexican mountain splendor.

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Power on!!

Against our bodies’ protests, we are still pressing forward with our aggressive start-up schedule… Yesterday, we successfully brought the PV system on-line and fired up the Internet in the yurt! HOORAY!! This was a critical element in putting together our master plan, and everything worked like a charm.

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Joy and pain

Yes! We made it!! It’s just incredible- everything just as we remembered, and filling us with an electric energy. So surreal knowing that we are here to stay… Just perched on the side of a mountain with nothing but ourselves to create this whole new world and way of life.

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Honey, we’re home!!

Two thousand miles in 48 hours to reach our high and heavenly grounds!!

Many, many thanks to our dear family and friends for wishing us well and hosting along the way. We have a ton of work to do to unload the truck, so we’ll check back in with pics in a few days.

Peace and love.

There will plenty more where this came from!!

Out the window

Missed opportunity by not taking pics of the Conestoga wagon passing through American landmarks, but here’s a couple I snapped during my shift in the Saturn through Shreveport and Dallas. If you’ve never driven through Dallas, don’t. The most horrendous roads EVER, and that’s after driving the everlasting bone-jarring concrete in Mississippi!!