Flyin’ sideways

Amid all the hustle and bustle of paid work and projects on the property, we were pleased to entertain two very good longtime friends Joe and Karin last weekend- Our first official visitors to Sahalee!!

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Waste management (or lack thereof)

Most of you who know me know that I am a compulsive recycler. I describe it as an addiction because I literally can’t stop myself from picking up recyclables whatever and wherever they are in hopes I’ll be able to reclaim what little value they have left in the post-use waste stream (along with helping to make the planet a little more picturesque and critter-friendly).

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The little things

After nearly four full weeks of living off-grid, we’re starting to recognize the daily rhythm and truly appreciate our beautifully rustic surroundings. We’re challenging ourselves to stay home for as many days we can, and so far have made it five before needing to go to town for one reason or another. Going thirty days will be a true feat we’re looking forward to accomplishing!!

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