Flyin’ sideways

Amid all the hustle and bustle of paid work and projects on the property, we were pleased to entertain two very good longtime friends Joe and Karin last weekend- Our first official visitors to Sahalee!!

They were on their way back home after a month-long road trip across the western states, and camped out for a night here with their happy pup Jack (who had a major crush on Radar). It was so good to catch up with them after so many years, and they were able to share more about how they manage to live aboard a sailboat in the Sea of Cortez. Turns out that there are many similarities between living on a boat and living in a tiny house off-grid, and I am looking forward to trying Karin’s suggested ‘thermos cooking‘ method sometime soon.

We met the trio in town for a delicious lunch on the patio at the crowd-pleasing El Bruno’s, and then made our way up the hill with beer on ice to continue the conversation. Thankfully, they came with their trusty Toyota 4-Runner and capable driving skills!

Smiling faces at the best New Mexican restaurant in the state

So many stories to swap under the big blue sky and into the starlit night about their adventures as skydivers and ours as new homesteaders and yurt owners… We had plenty to talk about, but managed to sneak in a little hike to our new favorite lookout around sunset, which our guests say turned out to be one of the notable ‘WOW’ moments of their trip.

Photo by Joe
Photo by Joe

A soothing little shower crept in overnight while we slept and cooled things off.

We were thrilled that Karin, Joe, and Jack made Sahalee one of their waypoints, and we hope they’ll come back. Since we all determined we were ‘slow nomads’ living the ‘slowmadic’ lifestyle, we can’t be certain exactly when or where this rendezvous will take place, but chances are this little guy will be right where we left him no matter where we end up!!

Photo by Joe

3 thoughts on “Flyin’ sideways

    1. ;D Life is good here!! We have a couple smaller horny toad lizards at camp that are our little buddies, but this guy was king!! Super fat with the bright yellow fringe… So cool to see, and Joe spotted him!! 😉 xoxoxo


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