Back to reality?

Monday came and went with little fanfare. Ben and I both woke warmly  to sun streaming inside the yurt. The teakettle went on quickly to start us up for our first day of telecommuting. Power was plentiful and we hungrily gobbled bandwidth on our wi-fi while still in our nightclothes. It was definitely refreshing to be in touch with old office mates and inquisitive colleagues while enjoying the New Mexican mountain splendor.

During our off hours from work, we continued to move household items to their new purposeful placement. The lay of the land is becoming more and more familiar. Still a lot on our minds about prepping for the long winter ahead. Fleeting thoughts come and go about what our lives used to be like in the Sunshine State…

We’re definitely still adjusting to the big changes, and Radar is going through her own melancholia. She started out pretty enthusiastic about the whole thing, and was a real trooper with all the initial comings-and-goings. Now, she resigns herself to spending days under the futon in the yurt despite our trying to cajole her to join us for hikes or meals al fresco. We’re not sure if she’s just trying to acclimate to the new situation, or if this is going to be her preferred disposition. She’s a very important part of our life here, and we hope she’ll find her spunk again soon with all this beautiful summertime left to enjoy outdoors. Maybe a new puppy or two will help?


8 thoughts on “Back to reality?

  1. Hi Carey and Ben! So glad to see you all in pictures in your new home! It looks quite cozy.

    Take care my friends and peace be with you!


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    1. Thanks for writing, Misty!! 😉 All is well in our tiny house so far. We have our eyes on the skies because monsoon season is coming up and we’d like to keep from floating away down the hill, and try to catch some of the previous rainfall for later use. I remember coming home after work and watching TMZ- Now, we’re cutting wood and locking up our food from bears!! Lots of love! Xoxo


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