The Office

Imagine we will have plenty of work to do in building a homestead, but we’re fortunate to have ‘real’ jobs with our awesome company that values its employees and provides the flexibility to work remotely so we can maintain reliable income for future plans.

One of the first things we did when we bought the property was check the cell phone signal. Paying more for Verizon is definitely worth it when we are going to rely on their strong nationwide coverage to keep us connected to the internet for work, school, catching up with family, and entertainment.

We’re definitely going to miss the daily face-to-face to interactions with our friends at the office and in the community, but technology enables more and more people to work from remote locations with great success via video- and teleconferencing. Of course, much of what we do for the business is already done through e-mail and phone calls, so making the switch shouldn’t be too hard once we are settled in and choose the best view for calling in to meetings!

Awesome depiction of telecommuting from

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